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Quality Improvements Found in the Cloud (and other considerations)

Cloud computing is becoming more and more mainstream and organizations are beginning to adopt and apply it in various ways. Many data professionals hope to take advantage of Quality Improvements Found in the Cloud. Quality improvement is a big concern for any organization and if the cloud through cloud computing and cloud storage can help with quality improvement then more and more organizations are open to being early adopters because of the incentives. Even though switching to the cloud is the more modern and forward facing idea, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration

Business Risks of Cloud Computing

Every change as big as adopting a new technology comes with risk. Hence, the business risks associated with taking advantage of the Quality Improvements Found in the Cloud must be taken into consideration. There are business risks involved with migrating live applications as well as storage systems to the cloud. If a failure occurs during this migration, there could be direct and long-lasting impacts on the business.

For example, the front facing side of the business might suffer some repercussions. Customers might be upset or dissatisfied if certain services are not available during the switch. One way to tackle this is to warn customers ahead of time so they are prepared. Every now and then, I receive emails from some businesses whose services I use stating that their website would be down during certain hours “for maintenance purposes”. With warnings like this, businesses can manage customer expectations and reduce business risk.

Business Value  of Cloud Computing

The value of a business lies in different aspects, such as its assets, its knowledge base, its employees, its location and its technology. Adopting a new technology might affect this value either positively or negatively. Regardless, the business needs to analyze this and do a

Advantages and Quality Improvements Found in the Cloud

Improved Operating Efficiency

One of the main advantages of cloud computing is that it enables companies to scale their operating more efficiently. As the companies that use cloud computing grows, so do their computing efficiency. This is partly because the cloud offers unlimited storage capabilities and a flexibility so companies can scale up or scale down depending on their computing and storage needs.

Companies do not have to physically purchase space and server equipment and hardware – which is usually a long-winded project. They simply just purchase more cloud space from their provider and the transaction is fast, easy, and smooth. Same goes if the company needs to reduce its storage space. The easy scalability of cloud storage allows for efficiency, it means resources are not tied down in cumbersome data storage facility purchases or leases.

The cloud also allows companies to be more efficient with some advanced options. For example, Toyota is using the cloud software to reward customers for using eco-friendly cars through a facebook points system. These quality improvement initiatives that benefit both the customers and the company are all made possible through cloud data storage and cloud computing.

Improved Customer Support

Speaking of benefits to the customers, cloud computing allows companies to serve their customers better. With the cloud, companies can create more apps, and offer more accessibility to customers. Customers can assess the same information anywhere in the world from any device due to cloud computing. The cloud provides a flexible system that connects customers and employees via mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers. This helps a lot with creating more responsive customer service.

Companies can also load product description videos, manuals, step-by-step, how-to videos etc to their system in the cloud and the customers can access it on their devices right in their homes. This means there is more high-quality web content and even smaller companies can compete better because they can build better relationships with customers through easier communication and customer support enabled by the cloud.

Flexible Workplace

If you are remotely familiar with the cloud then you know that it offers easy accessibility from any location and from almost any device. So this is no surprise that companies take advantage of this to offer their employees increased flexibility when it comes to working location and hours. Employees can now work from home and choose their hours since the cloud can be accessed 24/7. This gets rid of commute time and cost for employees and companies as a whole. It also helps workers have a healthier work-life balance.

Employees can work from home and work at night. This is great for individuals who need this flexibility like new parents, or those living far away. The ability to offer remote work also means companies can access talent from around the world. They can hire workers in different countries or different cities and this globalization and diversity of thought all culminate in quality improvement for the company.

Data Safety of the Cloud

One of the initial worries about the cloud was that the data would not be safe. This has been debunked as the cloud has proven to be one of the safest storage options for companies with big data. Cloud services also continue to improve and upgrade their security and safety measures. While security should always be a concern for companies (especially those that handle customer data like healthcare organizations, credit card companies, and financial companies) it is also a concern for these cloud service providers. Microsoft is one of the cloud services known for their high data security measures.